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Couples Therapy

Mar 2, 2021

Are you ready for some CROSSOVER CRAZINESS?? Andrew (Mixed-ish) and Tawny (Star Trek: Lower Decks), friends of the show, friends of ours IRL, and hosts of Yo, Is This Racist? are in the Zoom room where it happens today! Last week's episode of YITR (when we were the guests) ended with a MIND-BENDING CLIFFHANGER when Andrew said he'd reveal a secret on today's Couples Therapy, and indeed he does do that! Plus we answer plenty of YOUR advice questions! If you'd like to ask advice questions, call 323-524-7839 and leave a VM or just DM us on IG or Twitter! Also, support the show on Patreon or with a t-shirt (or a Jewboo shirt) and watch us every Wednesday on Twitch or check out clips on YouTube!